Photo: Ellen Warfield Photo: Ellen Warfield

Even if I use many different materials and techniques in my work, I regard myself primarily as a painter. The language of painting never ceases to fascinate me. In what way does a painting really exists?
  I guess I can say that all my work is rooted in a deep fascination of how we, as human beings, are capable to communicate in such an abstract way as through art. I have always been interested in an artwork's origin, how it emerges and comes into being – both as a physical object and as a process within the observer. And how a work of art continues to be created in the interaction between the observer, space and light.


My concern about environmental issues resulted 2008 in an ongoing art project on consumption, lifestyle and sustainable development called "Jorden vi ärvde" (The earth we inherited). One part of the project was the book "Jorden vi ärvde - om klimat, konsumtion och livsval" (Ordfront 2008) in which I invited artists and writers to shed light on the underlying causes behind climate change and take a deeper look at what our modern Western lifestyle does to us and our relation to ourselves and to the nature. Since the release I´ve been giving many lectures and talks and I also write articles on the subject.

     Furthermore, I work as a consultant in the art field and have a long experience of teaching at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, at present as a senior lecturer at Perceptionsstudion.